ENTIA BIOSCIENCES http://www.entiabio.com/ Recent News en Entia Biosciences Announces Participation at the 2015 National Investment Banking Association (NIBA) Conference in Newport Beach California June 24 – 26th http://www.entiabio.com/content/readMore1/infobox/news/template/default/active_id/72 Entia Biosciences, Inc. today announced it will be featured as a presenting company at the 2015 National Investment Banking Association (NIBA) investment conference. The conference is being held June 24 – 26th, at the Balboa Bay Resort in Newport Beach, California. 2015-06-22 Entia Biosciences Updates Investors with an Annual Shareholder Letter http://www.entiabio.com/content/readMore1/infobox/news/template/default/active_id/71 Entia Biosciences Inc. an emerging leader in the field of Nutrigenomics, released today the following Annual Shareholder Letter by Marvin S. Hausman MD, Chairman and CEO. 2015-02-24 Entia Biosciences CEO & SAB Member Invited to Chair Sessions and Speak at 17th International Functional Food Conference http://www.entiabio.com/content/readMore1/infobox/news/template/default/active_id/70 Entia Biosciences Inc. announces that Marvin S. Hausman MD, CEO, will speak on the subject - "Treatment of Anemia with a Natural Mushroom-Based Medical Food ErgoD2." 2014-11-14 Entia Biosciences Announces Ergothioneine Study Results Protection Against Blood Vessel Oxidative Stress http://www.entiabio.com/content/readMore1/infobox/news/template/default/active_id/69 Entia Biosciences, Inc. (ERGO), an emerging leader in the field of nutrigenomics, today announced the publication of a study demonstrating the antioxidant and cytoprotective effects of Ergothioneine. 2014-09-30 Entia Biosciences Inks Major Distribution Agreement for its GROH® Brand of Beauty & Wellness Products http://www.entiabio.com/content/readMore1/infobox/news/template/default/active_id/68 Entia Biosciences, Inc. today announced that it entered into an agreement with Shooting Starzz LLC Distribution Services on September 9th, 2014 to represent the GROH® product line in over 24,000 salons in nine states. 2014-09-10 Entia Biosciences' Supplements Could Prevent Dementia http://www.entiabio.com/content/readMore1/infobox/news/template/default/active_id/66 Vitamin D deficiency has been associated with a number of conditions, ranging from cardiovascular disease to certain types of cancers, according to WebMD. On the other side of the coin, research suggests that vitamin D could play a role in the prevention and treatment of diabetes, hypertension, glucose intolerance, multiple sclerosis, and a number of other serious medical conditions. 2014-08-12 Entia Biosciences: Beauty From Within http://www.entiabio.com/content/readMore1/infobox/news/template/default/active_id/65 Entia Biosciences Inc. recently announced that it was the exclusive lifestyle and wellness category sponsor of the International Battle of the Strands competition that will air on the Discovery Channel in December 2014. 2014-07-22 Entia Biosciences Secures Michael J. Fox Foundation Grant http://www.entiabio.com/content/readMore1/infobox/news/template/default/active_id/64 Entia Biosciences Inc. (OTCQB: ERGO), an emerging leader in the field of nutrigenomics, has been awarded a grant by The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research to conduct a preclinical study of its ErgoD2® medical food formulation as a potential therapy for Parkinson’s disease (PD). 2014-07-14